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Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions of Hotel Apartments Vlierijck are based on the Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH).


Conclusion of Agreement

Hotel Apartments Vlierijck can offer all made offers upon the conclusion of an agreement without obligation and subject to availability, "while supplies last."



It is possible to place an optional reservation at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck. An optional reservation at Hotel Apartments is always based on availability and can be held for a few days. You will receive an option confirmation within 3 days, indicating the expiration date of the option. This date is binding. Please note that an optional reservation is only valid when documented in writing. If no written confirmation is received from you by the specified expiration date, the optional reservation will be automatically removed from the system. No rights can be derived from this.



All reservations at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck are only processed for persons aged 18 and above. The main tenant of the reservation must be 18 years or older and be present throughout the stay in the accommodation. Hotel Apartments Vlierijck reserves the right to refuse a reservation at any time—also without providing a valid reason. A made reservation will be digitally confirmed to you within 10 days of making the reservation. If there is no email address available for the booker, the reservation will be confirmed by post. The reservation confirmation must be checked immediately upon receipt, and any inaccuracies must be reported in writing within 10 days of sending the reservation confirmation and always before the start of the stay. If no confirmation is received within 10 days, please contact the reception of Hotel Apartments Vlierijck as soon as possible via email ( or by phone: 0562 – 453 840.


Advance Reservations

Reservations at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck for a period where the rent has not yet been announced are always considered a "pre-reservation." These reservations are entirely non-binding for both parties. Within a few days, you will receive a confirmation of the pre-reservation. Once prices are calculated for the relevant period, you will receive an official reservation confirmation. The reservation can be canceled free of charge up to a maximum of 14 working days after the date of the reservation confirmation.


Group Reservations

It is possible to make group reservations at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck. These reservations can be made through the reception of Hotel Apartments Vlierijck via email ( or by phone: 0562 – 453 840. Special conditions may apply to group reservations.



Hotel Apartments Vlierijck reserves the right to change prices and/or charge additional fees. When making a reservation, you will be informed of the applicable price at that time. The price on your reservation confirmation is binding and always in writing. If an oral price has been agreed upon, it must be documented in writing to be valid. Written prices are binding. Price discounts or other offers are no longer applicable after a reservation confirmation has been sent.


(Mandatory) Costs

The rental price of each apartment at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck includes 9% VAT according to the guidelines of the VAT administration. This price also includes the rental of bed linen and towels. The following costs are not included in the rental price unless otherwise indicated on your reservation confirmation: final cleaning at € 59.50 for a Medium, Medium Bunk Bed, and large apartment / € 69.50 for an Extra Large apartment, tourist tax at € 2.11 per person per night, and an energy surcharge of € 4.50 per apartment per night. If an extra bed for a 5th person is placed in an apartment, an additional charge of € 22.50 per night per extra bed will be applied. This price includes bed linen and towels and excludes tourist tax.

Tourist Tax: As determined by the municipality of Vlieland, every accommodation on the island is obliged to charge tourist tax of € 2.11 per person per night.



At Hotel Apartments Vlierijck, there are some apartments available where pets are allowed. These apartments have a crate, and its use is mandatory. Other extras (such as blankets and dog beds) must be provided by you. For bringing pets, additional cleaning costs of € 35 will be charged in addition to the accommodation costs per pet per night at € 22.50. Hotel Apartments Vlierijck reserves the right to refuse the stay of a pet. Pet-friendly apartments can be reserved based on availability. When making a reservation and upon arrival at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck, the guest must report with the pet. Furthermore, your pet must be free of pests, and pets must be leashed outside the apartment. If you bring a pet without notifying the reception in advance or if you bring a pet into an apartment where pets are not allowed without the permission of Hotel Apartments Vlierijck, Hotel Apartments Vlierijck is entitled to charge additional costs and/or refuse your pet in the hotel.



When making a reservation at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck, a down payment of 50% must be made within 14 days after confirming the final reservation. The remaining total amount must be received by Hotel Apartments Vlierijck no later than 4 weeks before arrival at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck. For reservations with an arrival within 14 days, the entire reservation amount must be paid before the start of your stay. If you reside in the Netherlands, you can also choose to pay in the hotel upon arrival or at the latest upon departure. In case of late or incomplete payment of the communicated amounts, you are in default, and Hotel Apartments Vlierijck may unilaterally dissolve the agreement in writing. Please note that in this case, administration costs may be charged. In this case, you are liable for all damage suffered by Hotel Apartments Vlierijck because of your defaults. These include, but are not limited to, a dissolution fee (50% of the rental amount of the stay) for dissolution more than 2 weeks before the planned start date of your stay at Hotel Apartments Vlierijck. In the event of dissolution within 2 weeks before the start date of the stay, the entire rental amount must be paid. The down payment of a reservation must be in possession of Hotel Apartments Vlierijck no later than 14 days after the confirmation.